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Quest4Success teach people and businesses to market themselves effectively online using Social Media, delivering training solutions in groups or 1 to 1’s.  If you’re looking for a freelance Social Media Consultant to help your company build your online presence without the high cost of employing someone in-house, you’re in the right place.  You’ve found the solution!

I sought out Tendai and Quest4Success during a massive intersection in my business and personal life. I wanted more out of all that I was doing and had become stagnant and stuck. I shared this with Tendai and she sat up a Vision board bootcamp for me. I flew to London from Oslo, Norway to specifically work with her during this two day bootcamp at her offices in The Shard. I had done a variety of personal development activities leading up to the London Bootcamp which reminded me of my strengths, and that I really needed to be bolder in my vision statement. By the end of the session I had drafted my purpose, key goals for 2020 and beyond giving me a great basis to start on my vision board. I realised the importance of carefully setting and determining goals and look forward to finally being able to create a vision board that will manifest my desired intentions. A week after working with Tendai two of my micro goals were coming to life and were manifested in my business- ONE WEEK!! I was blown away by the turn around and still til this day 3 years since I had Bootcamp in London with Tendai, longterm dreams are manifesting themselves in forms of dream colleagues, business partners, clients and much more. I truly recommend anyone to work with Tendai because it will, completely, change your mindset and soul-state when dreaming, planning and communicating your dreams and desires, regardless of area(s) of your life.
Super Lash Boutique
Super Lash Boutique
I really LOVED this course. I am at a cross roads in my career and this was a great way for me to visualise what I wanted to achieve next in my career. The course was interactive and the trainer really helped pull out our thoughts. You get a booklet that also helps you with the journey. I would definitely recommend. Thank you so much Tendai :)
Emma Abboh
Emma Abboh
I attended the introduction to vision board session online via eventbrite. I had just received a vision board for Christmas and was unsure where to start. Tendai gave lots of clear instructions, her delivery was so positive and she was warm, sharing lots of her own successes. She encouraged us to write goals under specific headings which helped to focus our targets for that quarter of the year. This for me was really useful as I was able to keep a track of my goals. I was able to tick off everything achieved that quarter and I have continued to use her format to update every new quarter. She is also invites you to her Facebook group which she regularly goes live from and continues to share great tips. It's an opportunity to speak with other people about their manifesting journey.
sarah navas
sarah navas
Tendai did weekly vision board workshops for us for young people. She really got the young people engaged in the session and helped them visualise their goals and dreams.
Tanya Grant
Tanya Grant
Highly recommend Tendai. Full of positivity and enthusiasm, Tendai delivered a fun and inspiring Vision Boarding session for my online wellness membership, and also delivered a very well-received talk at one of our large events of over 100 guests at Hilton Hotel at The Rose Bowl. She also provided seamless music throughout the event, coping effortlessly with schedule changes (so no one could have known). An all-round captivating professional.
Laura Ellera
Laura Ellera
I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Tendai for my podcast and wow, what an incredible lady. I wanted to showcase women who had started before they were ready in order to inspire others to do the same and Tendai's story is so inspirational, there was no questions as to whether she would be a guest it was more of a case of when. Her energy, knowledge and amazing attitude made her a dream guest and it's been lovely to stay in contact with her since. I love the fact that she's bringing both her feminine and masculine energy to the table and is unapologetically her whilst helping other people find their strength and create the future of their dreams. What she has been able to manifest in her own life and the results she gets for her clients shows that she's truly working in her zone of genius. I would highly recommend Tendai to anybody who is really ready to go after their dream life and find the fulfilment they are looking for.
Helen Hopkins
Helen Hopkins
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Tendai at Quest4successUK. She provided a masterclass in my membership club, the community loved her tips and are very excited to create their vision boards and start manifesting.
Pitch BLK
Pitch BLK
In Feb 2018 with the guidance of Tendai I was able to write out my life goals. Those in relation to business have come into fruition. I wasn't as clear as I should have been but I asked for virtual contracts for a specific hourly rate that it builds my skills and gives me the flexibility to run my other business as well. I am glad to report that in 2020 I got a client the desired hourly rate that is virtual and other businesses sales has increased exponentially. Thanks Tendai without you this wouldn't be possible
I'll be offering B2B/B2G services, in the coming months, so wanted an overview of Instagram's value. I was sceptical about its use, as I've always viewed it as a B2C digital marketing tool. But after Tendai's workshop, I'll incorporate it, as part of my digital marketing. Tendai is knowledgeable and offered good insight. The sessions are interactive i.e. group participation so you have an opportunity to learn new things by crowd sourcing ideas i.e. seeing how others use it. You also get, preety handy guides, for future reference. In short, it's definitely worthwhile attending her sessions.
Quest4Success Consultation


Quest4Success offer a FREE consultation to find out all about you, your customers and both of your needs.  Following this you will be invited to a face:face consultation to work on the training plan we will implement to get your desired results, followed by social media/website training sessions, 1:1 coaching or exploring goal setting via vision board creating.

About Quest4Success

Quest4Success assist people to achieve their goals & dreams.  A qualified Life Coach, Consultant and Social Media Trainer, Tendai motivates and assists people to reach their potential providing them with the required tools to discover their purpose, determine and reach their goals and manifest their dreams via 1:1s, workshops, away days, online and offline programs and group talks (public speaking).

So What is a Life Coach?

"....a person employed to help people attain their goals in life."

A life coach is someone that assists and empowers others to make, meet and exceed personal and professional goals. This can include excelling in the workplace, becoming happy and fulfilled at home, exploring your potential and achieving ambitions.

Life coaching is a true game changer. Coaching of any kind helps people to get from one place (state of mind or stage in a goal) to another. It helps you identify where you are stuck, over whelmed or not doing yourself justice in any area of your life and propels you to get where you REALLY want to be or to do what you REALLY want to do.

Unlock your potential and achieve your goals with flexible coaching options!

  • Single sessions: perfect for tackling a specific challenge or gaining quick insights.
  • Package sessions: receive ongoing support and structure as you work towards your goals.
  • On-demand sessions: get tailored guidance whenever you need it most.

During each session, we'll explore your most important goals, assess your current progress, and create a personalized road map to success. We'll use powerful techniques like goal setting, action planning, and visualization exercises to help you overcome obstacles and manifest your dreams.

Coaching at The Shard

“Ask yourself one simple question - Who do you want to become and what price are you willing to pay to become that person? The amount of work, commitment and investment you're willing to commit to your transformation, will determine how far you go.” 

Vision Board workshops Summer 2018

Vision Board Workshops

Vision Boards are a fun way to create the life you want for yourself. Some people find it hard to write down goals, long term or short term. Creating a visual board is an alternative version to writing a list of goals.  Strategically, you can use the Vision Boarding process as a tool to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus with an outline of your future life, which then helps you map out each specific life goal.
Quest4Success Vision Board Workshop

1:1s and Small & Large groups

Vision Board Workshops are a GREAT way to set Goals with like mined people. Getting started is usually the hardest thing for most people when thinking about creating their Vision Boards. This Vision Board Workshop is all about discovering your purpose, manifesting your dreams and pushing past your fears & limiting beliefs.
What Quest4Success Vision Board clients are saying….
What Quest4Success Social Media clients are saying….
During my Facebook training with Tendai, I learnt how to look for insights on my page and posts performance and more importantly how to analyse it. She showed me the importance of checking times and days of best-performing posts and have a consistency on scheduling my posts. She also showed me how to invite people to like my page. After applying what I learnt, I had some immediate results and the period after this session shows a steep graph on page likes growth.
Elena Blanco

Artist & Illustrator, Dreamy Me Is Me

After taking the Facebook workshop, the most important and useful part was increasing following, learning about basic page management, and how to set online targets.

Everything was very well presented and well received by me, it’s working too! Nearly 100 likes in just over a week.

Nathan Lomax-Cooke

Director & Videographer, Zanshin Films Ltd