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Quest4Success teach people and businesses to market themselves effectively online using Social Media, delivering training solutions in groups or 1 to 1’s.  If you’re looking for a freelance Social Media Consultant to help your company build your online presence without the high cost of employing someone in-house, you’re in the right place.  You’ve found the solution!

Quest4Success Consultation


Quest4Success offer a FREE consultation to find out all about you, your customers and both of your needs.  Following this you will be invited to a face:face consultation to work on the training plan we will implement to get your desired results, followed by social media/website training sessions, 1:1 coaching or exploring goal setting via vision board creating.

About Quest4Success

Quest4Success assist people to achieve their goals & dreams.  A qualified Life Coach, Consultant and Social Media Trainer, Tendai motivates and assists people to reach their potential providing them with the required tools to discover their purpose, determine and reach their goals and manifest their dreams via 1:1s, workshops and external group talks (public speaking).

Face:Face Training

A range of 5 levels to choose from in each Social Media Network.  Our levels range from Beginners > Intermediate > Business > Advanced >  PRO.  Training takes place in a choice of 32 offices across London including The Shard.  All locations are centrally located.

Life Coaching and Vision Board face:face sessions also avail across London venues.

So What is a Life Coach?

"....a person employed to help people attain their goals in life."

A life coach is someone that assists and empowers others to make, meet and exceed personal and professional goals. This can include excelling in the workplace, becoming happy and fulfilled at home, exploring your potential and achieving ambitions.

Life coaching is a true game changer. Coaching of any kind helps people to get from one place (state of mind or stage in a goal) to another. It helps you identify where you are stuck, over whelmed or not doing yourself justice in any area of your life and propels you to get where you REALLY want to be or to do what you REALLY want to do.

Coaching sessions can be stand alone one of sessions, or a series of sessions on a regular basis, or as and when you feel you need them.  The choice is yours.  A typical coaching session looks at what is most important to you at the moment, and then where are with that specific goal and then where you’d like to be. To do this, we take time mapping out steps on how to achieve / attain / manifest that goal, working through obstacles and working on visualisations in the process.

Coaching sessions with Ques4Success can be done face:face, on the phone or via video call. Face:face sessions take place in The Shard, or across 30 other offices across North, East, South & West London, at a time suitable for both parties. Visit HERE for more info.

Coaching at The Shard

“Ask yourself one simple question - Who do you want to become and what price are you willing to pay to become that person? The amount of work, commitment and investment you're willing to commit to your transformation, will determine how far you go.” 

Vision Board workshops Summer 2018

Vision Board Workshops

Vision Boards are a fun way to create the life you want for yourself. Some people find it hard to write down goals, long term or short term. Creating a visual board is an alternative version to writing a list of goals.  Strategically, you can use the Vision Boarding process as a tool to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus with an outline of your future life, which then helps you map out each specific life goal.
Quest4Success Vision Board Workshop

1:1s and Small & Large groups

Vision Board Workshops are a GREAT way to set Goals with like mined people. Getting started is usually the hardest thing for most people when thinking about creating their Vision Boards. This Vision Board Workshop is all about discovering your purpose, manifesting your dreams and pushing past your fears & limiting beliefs.

Purchase this 20 page "Dream & Think Big" Vision Board Workbook which has templates, exercises, and checklists.  With it's high gloss cover and 180gsm pages, you can easily complete the workbook, and carry around with you to complete at your leisure.

The workbook goes through a 5 step process to create your vision board including

  • determining or defining your purpose,
  • breakthrough goal,
  • key phrase for the year,
  • a Law of Attraction Checklist (things to do in addition to creating your vision board),
  • SWOT analysis matrix and template
  • financial goal creator
  • unique Vision Board Template
  • and looking at your zone of genius in order to help define or determine your purpose.
  • Comes with a Blank Law of Attraction cheque for you to complete

We recommend you complete or go through the book before or during creating your vision boards with us in our FREE private members facebook group .

The work book is used as part of a 9 week program which you can complete at your leisure.

The information and exercises go hand in hand with manifesting and I have put together the most effective pieces of information that helps expand your manifesting juices.

Once you pay, email us at letting us know that you've made the payment and which address you would like it delivered too.

Cost = £20 incl post & packaging to UK postal address - Purchase HERE

Limited offer at present - Free p&p worldwide!

If you are based outside of the UK, additional postage may need to be paid.  Once you email your address after the initial payment, I will check the postage costs with Royal Mail and request the additional difference for postage - keeping the postage method as cost effective as possible.  I'm working on a better process for this please bear with me.

Remember to email with the address you'd like the workbook delivered too once you've made your purchase.

What Quest4Success Vision Board clients are saying….
What Quest4Success Social Media clients are saying….
During my Facebook training with Tendai, I learnt how to look for insights on my page and posts performance and more importantly how to analyse it. She showed me the importance of checking times and days of best-performing posts and have a consistency on scheduling my posts. She also showed me how to invite people to like my page. After applying what I learnt, I had some immediate results and the period after this session shows a steep graph on page likes growth.
Elena Blanco

Artist & Illustrator, Dreamy Me Is Me

After taking the Facebook workshop, the most important and useful part was increasing following, learning about basic page management, and how to set online targets.

Everything was very well presented and well received by me, it’s working too! Nearly 100 likes in just over a week.

Nathan Lomax-Cooke

Director & Videographer, Zanshin Films Ltd