About Me

I’m Tendai and I empower business owners and their teams to market their businesses more effectively using social media. As the founder of Quest4Success, I teach new and established businesses how to connect and build relationships with their customers and clients online, using social media and digital marketing techniques.

I should know ­as a BBC World News featured DJ with a 1/4 million downloads for my music purely from social media engagement, I am excited to share my experience and expertise with you so you can harness the same power of social media​.  I’m known as THE Social Media Geek, ­ I thoroughly enjoy interacting with people and businesses authentically to foster community in mutually beneficial ways.

I have always had a flair for encouraging, motivating, organizing and assisting people in a variety of projects, no matter how big or small. I started my career in the Travel Industry, and have since worked in Media, Property, Recruitment, Housing, Investment & Development and Sales & Marketing, providing me a wealth of experience that has allowed me to service my clients in a unique and relatable manner.


These days you can find me working on a freelance basis for companies and clients and running Social Media workshops coaching people on how to use specific Social Networks and then on social media management; how to go from spending 2-3+ hours a day online, to scheduling and planning posts to be sent throughout the week in just 1-2 hours total.


I connect and engage with audiences across multiple platforms to forge relationships both personally and professionally. I engage with your current and potential customers and analyse and monitor trends, people, and social networks, to work out what works best for YOUR business. I ensure my clients have social media presence across the networks most crucial for their specific goals, so they market themselves to current and potential customers and for customers to be able to readily discover them! As a consultant I am happy to use Social Media on your behalf, and as a certified Life Coach, I enjoy motivating my clients and assisting them to reach their potential providing them with the required tools to reach their goals. Clients have the choice in which capacity they would like to hire my services.

No two clients are ever the same which is why I start every new relationship with a FREE 15-minute telephone call, followed by a 90-minute Consultation to ascertain your needs. This Consultation and subsequent sessions can be held face:face, over the phone or via Skype – whichever works best for you.  With access to over 30 office spaces across North, East, South & West London, including The Shard, Kings Cross, Shoreditch, Oxford St + many, meeting up for face:face sessions at a time and date convenient to us all makes things easier and simpler.

During your consultation we knuckle down on who your ideal clients and existing clients are, which platforms you should be using and why. I look forward to hearing all about you, and your social media needs and how I can help you better grasp and execute social media to reach and communicate with your audience.

In addition to the Social Media workshops, I am also a DJ Teacher, and run Vision Board talks and workshops for small and large groups.  I also do public speaking engagements for businesses and organisations on Social Media marketing and the power of using Vision Boards.  Feel free to check out the relevant links.