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Tendai is an innovative, Vision Board Transformation Coach, and Social Media Lecturer featured on TV, Radio and newspaper. She assists people and organisations to transform their vision to reality through using Social Media, Vision Boards and the Law of Attraction to determine and achieve their purpose and personal and professional goals.


With 25+ years of experience of using Vision Boards and The Law of Attraction, she assists others to transform their vision to reality to determine and achieve their purpose and personal and professional goals.


As a “Manifesting Generator” she is skilled in the art of manifesting effortlessly, helping others and self to manifest everything from Health to Wealth, manifesting business programs, mentors, bitcoin, exceptional travel experiences and office premises globally, using Vision Boards and the powerful Law of Attraction.


After being featured on BBC World News, Tendai curated workshops and training sessions to help others dream and think big, delivering workshops and talks across London including London Southbank University, Southwark Chamber of Commerce, and The University of Law alongside “The Speaker” John Berkow.


Tendai has been invited to Downing Street, speaking to the Prime Ministers Business Advisor about her workshops, and has been awarded over £10,000 funding to inspire and empower others in her local community.  Her passion for marketing and DJing have got her bookings and residencies at Hilton Park Lane & The Grange Hotels, Enterprise Nation, BPP Law School, Dentons, Kempton Park Racecourse, and South African Tourism UK.


Her most recent talks and workshops have been for Dyson, ICAEW (Institute for Chartered Accountants in England & Wales) – Autumn 2020, Chamber of Commerce at Theatre Peckham (Feb2020), Dope Black Mums at Red Bull Studios, Croydon Council for International Womens Day and she was interviewed on BBC Radio London on the Judi Love show.


In addition to manifesting in abundance, Tendai loves travelling, skating, swimming in oceans and prosecco and as a DJ teacher is afforded these luxuries for work or pleasure. She is on a mission to assist fellow Goal Getters to manifest their #Vision2Reality. Her clients have manifested dream homes, businesses, relationships and lifestyles, what would you love to manifest?

Create a Vision Board that manifests FAST

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