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Motivational Life Coach, assisting people to find their purpose, step out of their comfort zones and take the necessary action steps to achieve their dreams.

“It’s time to START doing and stop dreaming……”


Feeling stuck?

Need help identifying your life purpose?

Overwhelmed with countless ideas & projects?

Struggling with completing things?

Unable to start projects & ideas due to lack of motivation?


So What is a Life Coach?

"....a person employed to help people attain their goals in life."

A life coach is someone that assists and empowers others to make, meet and exceed personal and professional goals. This can include excelling in the workplace, becoming happy and fulfilled at home, exploring your potential and achieving ambitions.

Life coaching is a true game changer. Coaching of any kind helps people to get from one place (state of mind or stage in a goal) to another. It helps you identify where you are stuck, over whelmed or not doing yourself justice in any area of your life and propels you to get where you REALLY want to be or to do what you REALLY want to do.

Coaching sessions can be stand alone one of sessions, or a series of sessions on a regular basis, or as and when you feel you need them.  The choice is yours.  A typical coaching session looks at what is most important to you at the moment, and then where are with that specific goal and then where you’d like to be. To do this, we take time mapping out steps on how to achieve / attain / manifest that goal, working through obstacles and working on visualisations in the process.

Coaching sessions with Ques4Success can be done face:face, on the phone or via video call. Face:face sessions take place in The Shard, or across 30 other offices across North, East, South & West London, at a time suitable for both parties. Visit HERE for more info.

Coaching at The Shard

“Ask yourself one simple question - Who do you want to become and what price are you willing to pay to become that person? The amount of work, commitment and investment you're willing to commit to your transformation, will determine how far you go.” 

Why hire a Coach?

In a nutshell – to get sh*t DONE!!!!  Investing your time AND finances with an expert, propels you to want to at least get a return on your investment right?  You don’t waste time with ‘usual distractions’ with your coaching session – whereas when goal setting without a coach, you can be less disciplined and easily distracted.

Having someone to speak with about your secret dreams and visions helps:

  • bring it to life,
  • assists you to believe in yourself
  • and holds you accountable

Speaking action steps out aloud has a major impact on decision making and the ideas come flowing as we create mind maps and time specific goals. It’s here where your vision turns into a reality as you see your goal come alive on paper first – followed by a sudden and impulsive urge to take action. It’s a feeling, many struggle to create without guidance or motivation. Coaches motivate you to see better, do better and be better!

The accountability aspect of coaching is also very rewarding and effective.  Accountability is determining your progress, (disclosing your results) and this can be done in between sessions or at the beginning of your session, depending on the service you choose.

Why should you work with “Vision2Reality” Coaching?


  • overwhelmed
  • confused,
  • stuck,
  • underwhelmed
  • or want to find your purpose…..

I’m great at helping people get the results they desire, and more. Becoming a Life Coach, whilst working as a Talent Consultant at The Shard, was perfectly suited to my *ENFP personality and my passion to see others succeed and exceed in their goals.  A self confessed #GoalGetter.

If you’re:

  • Fed up with watching other people doing well, whilst you put all your ideas on stand-by for another year
  • Aware of your potential but unsure how to unpack it and work through your ideas, or
  • Stuck in procrastination mode and ready to get motivated to start taking steps to action your to-do list
  • Disappointed, embarrassed or ashamed at not achieving what you’ve said/set out to achieve
  • Ready to listen to that inner voice and take action

What you’ll get working with #Vision2Reality Coaching?

  • Clarity
  • Motivation
  • Action Steps
  • Accountability
  • Desired Results

RESULTS is the overall aim when I work with my clients, so as long as you are honest with yourself in the sessions on what you want to achieve and how we’ll work towards what you want – you’ll see results!

I realised I have a natural gift of understanding and determining peoples strengths, skills and purpose and possess tremendous motivating skills.

Coupled with good intuition and being an *ENFP personality, my ability to inspire and awaken people and their ideas, even from the very first session has been 100% successful!

I share some of my clients experiences the testimonials below.  Clients have achieved great short term and long term results, accomplishing their desired goal(s), mindset and often both.

This is something that you too can attain!

Find out more below….

What is an “Personality Type” or *ENFP I hear you ask?

There’s a well known Personality Test called the “Myers Briggs” test, which is used professionally and personally worldwide! The test is an introspective self-report questionnaire designed to indicate psychological preferences in how people perceive the world around them and make decisions. It was constructed by Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers.

The goal of knowing about personality type is to understand and appreciate differences between people. There are 16 types in total, made up with a combination of letters, depending on your ‘personality’.  In ENFP the letter E stands for Extrovert. Another combination is INFP and the I stands or Introvert. All 16 personality types are equal, there is no best type.

Do you know your Personality Type and Career type? Take a FREE test here.

Well thank you so so much for last night, that release was so needed 

I finished lastnight with an hours worth of yoga (as i have 5 stone I will shift..shhh lol) and slept like a baby. I don’t know about you guys but definitely sensing a shift in my energy for the better!! 

And thanks to Ian Mullins I have stopped procrastinating and booked on an Angelic Reiki workshop at the end of February

No more holding myself back BOOOM 
Time to heal so I can show other people how to heal.

This group has helped me so much, thank you Petite Deejay 

Ceara Jade Mongan

Mother, Mind Nourishment

Cat’s out the bag!!!! I’m off!!!! Ibiza is calling and I must go  Some of you played a massive part in my decision from your words and motivational actions but especially Makeda Bernard  and Tendai Chagweda  Big up!!! This was my intention put out to the universe last year. I know you both didn’t know but thank you for the guidance and reassurance that i can and I will  (your helping without even knowing) how cool is that  

Thing’s started to make sense when I came to the group and my close friends know I’ve always wanted to do this for many many years but I would find excuses. I needed to believe I could so with getting involved from a distance I started to put my positive thoughts and ideas out there. They kept coming back stronger. I wasn’t scared and I didn’t find an excuse. Moral of the story is believe in yourself then anything is possible. Thanx hun 

Thank you for being you and opening your heart and soul for other’s to learn and follow in your footsteps. Upmost respect 

Your goooood  I appreciate you very much! 


Amada 'Blondina' Nash

International Child Minder, Nanny McMandy

Petite Deejay i want to thank you for your help and space which really works as a reminder for me to set that sacred space and time aside.

This has been my biggest manifesting month for a while, the projects, clients, children and the man. . I have found I get more results by really doing the inner work and clearing anything toxic. In the lead up to the new moon I did a lot of clearing meditations.

Something changed this month, I kept telling myself how much I deserved the things I wanted to manifest. Being so specific is the thing here, I even got a marriage proposal, next time I will be more specific. Thank you for your videos !!

So grateful for you 

Katrina Young

Solutions Architect & Digital Project Manager , Katrina Young Consulting

How much (time & money) are you willing to invest in yourself to make your dreams and destiny a reality?

Upon payment, I get notification via paypal and will respond to you via email (to the email address from paypal).  Feel free to go ahead and email us at once you’ve paid and we can correspond with you from there.
For the coaching service (non vision board), I will send you a short form for you to fill out to determine how coaching will best benefit you based on your needs, if we haven’t already spoken.  I am determined to stick to my 100% success rate in getting my clients results.
For the Silver, Gold and Platinum Vision Board coaching sessions, you receive free workbooks to complete during your sessions.
The sessions are 1 hour long with additional rates available for £10 for each additional 10 minutes. Homework from sessions and a recap of important details will be communicated via email after each session.

Online Accountability can be purchased at an additional £25 per week (30min phone or video call).  I communicate with you weekly online about the action steps you have taken to commit to your goal(s).  This service is included in the Platinum package and can be purchased as an addition for the Bronze, Silver and Gold packages.

INSTALLMENTS WELCOME (for platinum package.  Enquire within)


Installments are welcome for the 

Still unsure what a Coaching session can do for you?

Before working with my clients I provide a FREE Coaching Consultation to talk you through what coaching is and what it can do for you, find out why you’re seeking life coaching and whether we’d make the absolute best fit working with one another.  This is a “Let’s get to know each other” session where we will discuss any questions you may have for me as well.

Contact me via the form below, providing your phone number and I’ll contact you to arrange your FREE Consultation.

I loved the coaching sessions they were great – I achieved all my goals and also transformed my life by making changes removing ppl who no longer served me any purpose, speaking more positively, taking a cpd course , praying and believing in myself still got more to do.  I would recommend Vision2Reality coaching based on the excellent results I got from my sessions!


Remember we were doing vision boards about 2 yrs ago?? Well two of my endless list have come to pass I am working (2 yrs nxt month! ) and I’ve just passed my driving theory and am hoping to sit my practical in the nxt few months! I believe alot of these achievements came about because of your help. Nuff love to you hun.

Yeah it’s amazing how God has helped me, through you and some hard work, to get to this point. I’m still in shock at how it’s all happened and I think it only sunk in yesterday when I started the new job! and I know my mindset has changed too.


Thank you Tendai Chagweda, for this group and your overall leadership guidance. Its really helped me in times I felt like becoming a failure, and taking the so called easy root we call comfortable lol . 

Nutritionist, Author, Big Brother reality star, Heavens Worlds

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