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The Concept

Vision Board Workshops are a GREAT way to set Goals and dream and think BIG with like minded people. Getting started is usually the hardest thing for most people when thinking about creating their Vision Boards.  Creating your board in a group/1:1 setting is a perfect way to get started.

There are MANY ways to create vision boards, from cutting and sticking images from magazines on a board, to using apps or photoshop software to create digital vision boards.   In the “Vision 2 Reality” workshops we look at the fundamental factors needed to create vision boards – from mindset to actual manifestation we go through the whole journey, resulting in a vision board that brings your vision to reality.

Who we work with

Vision2Reality workshops have been rolled out in organisations for team away days, colleges, universities, co-working organisations, scholarship ceremonies, online & offline membership clubs and individuals. The power of visualisation is being realised and accepted by individuals and institutions alike.

These empowering and engaging workshops & talks incorporate the Law of Attraction, positive thinking and wellbeing to encourage people to creatively set personal and professional goals using Vision Boards with ease.  Wellbeing is the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy and wellbeing is a huge agenda in education institutions and many organisations who wish to incorporate it with Mental Health in the Workplace.

What are Vision Boards

Vision Boards are representations of your desires and aspirations. They are fun to create and can serve as an invaluable tool to motivate and inspire you to pursue your biggest and most important life goals. A vision board is a collage of images and words of things that you want to BE, DO, HAVE & VISIT that help people get clear, focus, unblock and realise their true desires.

Participants are shown how to create vision boards covering 8 key life areas including Health, Wealth, Charity and Passions. The boards can be digital (created via apps, photoshop packages etc) or physical (photos, cuttings from magazines etc).

Benefits & Results

Here are just a few of the benefits of attending our Vision Board workshops

    • People focus on their future vision
    • Increased enthusiasm and positive emotions
    • Improved wellbeing and understanding of wellbeing
    • Instantly inspired, encouraged and motivated to take action
    • Left feeling more valued (self worth determined ) and also more creative
    • People become more aware of their capabilities and what they can do and want to bring to the table both personally and professionally

Impacted in Vision Board talks, workshops & classes


Chance of manifesting something from board

No. of years I've created boards for

Types of vision boards

Vision Board Workshops & Talks

Digital Boards

Training people how to create boards digitally using desktops and tablets in the first instance, allowing users to edit, amend and create images and digital boards on the go using mobile devices.

Physical Boards

Alternatively create physical boards using photos and magazines, papers, etc… We encourage participants to edit, amend and create images online also to print and add to their boards at leisure.


We encourage people to be in the right “head space” when creating their boards.  Understanding and incorporating the Law of Attraction, Wellbeing, Gratitude etc are imperative when creating and manifesting vision boards.

Individuals / Groups

1:1, group and team workshops/talks for all ages – adults & kids.

Book a bespoke workshop in your own premises or in our space in The Shard or offices across N, E, S & Central London

Workshops & talks in Schools, Academies, Universities, Events / Seminars, Business / Organisation away days or team building


  • Understood what the Law of Attraction was before workshop 11% 11%
  • Understood what the Law of Attraction was AFTER workshop 99% 99%
  • Completed Vision Board 94% 94%
  • Amount of participants that believe they will manifest something from their board 89% 89%

Year 12 Vision Board Workshop

A Vision Board Workshop with 140 college aged participants over the course of several days.  We asked “What did you find particularly helpful” and here were some of the responses:

“I found this particularly helpful because it keeps people on the right track and gives them a sense of hope”

”I found the Law of Attraction very helpful as it helps motivate for when you need it.  If you wish big, big finds you.  Thank you for a truly wonderful event”

“if it was longer” & “Finding a different way of achieving my goals”

“She had some good words that helped me”

“The communication and positivity to push others to achieve”

Purchase this 20 page "Dream & Think Big" Vision Board Workbook which has templates, exercises, and checklists.  With it's high gloss cover and 180gsm pages, you can easily complete the workbook, and carry around with you to complete at your leisure.

The workbook goes through a 5 step process to create your vision board including

  • determining or defining your purpose,
  • breakthrough goal,
  • key phrase for the year,
  • a Law of Attraction Checklist (things to do in addition to creating your vision board),
  • SWOT analysis matrix and template
  • financial goal creator
  • unique Vision Board Template
  • and looking at your zone of genius in order to help define or determine your purpose.
  • Comes with a Blank Law of Attraction cheque for you to complete

We recommend you complete or go through the book before or during creating your vision boards with us in our FREE private members facebook group .

The work book is used as part of a 9 week program which you can complete at your leisure.

The information and exercises go hand in hand with manifesting and I have put together the most effective pieces of information that helps expand your manifesting juices.

Once you pay, email us at letting us know that you've made the payment and which address you would like it delivered too.

Cost = £20 incl post & packaging to UK postal address - Purchase HERE

Limited offer at present - Free p&p worldwide!

If you are based outside of the UK, additional postage may need to be paid.  Once you email your address after the initial payment, I will check the postage costs with Royal Mail and request the additional difference for postage - keeping the postage method as cost effective as possible.  I'm working on a better process for this please bear with me.

Remember to email with the address you'd like the workbook delivered too once you've made your purchase.

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